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Luo Ba Wang Spicy LUOSI RICE NOODLES -25 螺霸王麻辣螺螄粉

Net Weight:315g

country of origin:China

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Ready in Minutes – A fulfilling yet simple meal that is easy to make and ready to eat in minutes
FAMOUS CHINESE FOOD - Famous Chinese food appeared on《A Bite of China》. Famous and popular Guangxin Liuzhou Chinese spicy rice noodles with snails, bamboo shoots, peanuts, sour long bean, black fungus, and radish. Share the Yummy Food with Your Family and Friends All Around the World. Share Delicious food, Share Happiness.
Attention: The chili oil is super spicy! Please start by adding NO chili oil when you cook the noodles. Then add little by little according to your own taste and tolerance at the table.
ONE BAG HAS ALL -- Comes with various seasonings, including hot pepper, vinegar. Caveat: Start with adding no hot pepper seasoning at all. Add chilies little by little according to your taste! They are super hot chilies!

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