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Koon Chun Hoisin Sauce

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Country of Origin: Hong Kong, China


Made from selected naturally fermented soya beans, our multi-purpose paste gives strong flavor to grilled, baked, marinated and stir-fried dishes of meat, vegetable and fish.

About Koon Chun
The Koon Chun Hing Kee Soy & Sauce Factory Limited, based in Hong Kong – celebrates a history of quality, and a tradition of excellence.

Founded in 1928, Koon Chun Kee Soy & Sauce Factory Limited was originally located on the Main Street of the City of Kowloon in Hong Kong. During World War II, the site was commandeered by the Japanese military force and Koon Chun relocated to near-by Ta Tit Street. In the sixties, again forced to move by government edict, Koon Chun then re-settled in Yuen Long, N.T. i.e. the present premises. This move signified a new era for the company, enabling a large-scale expansion and automation of the manufacturing process. The company was incorporated as a limited liability corporation in 1996.

Though many Hong Kong manufacturers have moved their production facilities to the Mainland since China’s Reform & Open Policy, Koon Chun will keep its flag flying in HK and pledges to keep the motto “Made in Hong Kong” as proof of quality and tradition. “We started our business in Hong Kong decades ago and were deep-rooted in the very soil”, stresses one Koon Chun Director. “We will remain in the metropolis where we were founded to deliver what the market demands.

All Koon Chun sauces are manufactured using Canadian non genetically modified soy beans, applying traditional methods, exploiting unique recipes inherited over generations. Our sauces are prepared in a natural way, bathed in the sun for weeks during the fermentation process with no added Sodium Glutamate or chemicals to assist fermentation. Koon Chun sauces are pasteurized and packed using modern automated equipment, in a hygienic and clean environment, maintaining product quality and consistency while preserving the unique favor of Cantonese style sauce prepared in the traditional way.

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Koon Chun 冠珍
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