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OWL 3-IN-1 Instant Coffee (30 Sachets)

Country of Origin: Singapore
Net Weight: 600g
30 Servings Per Container


Authentic Asian Straits Coffee

The culturally diverse Straits Asian region extends from Penang through the straits of Malacca to Java. Strategically located in the middle of this historical trading route lies the diverse city state of singapore - a place where the blending of diverse cultures forms the bedrock of OWL's Brand. 

3-IN-1 Is An Everyday Favorite From OWL

OWL Coffee's incredibly popular 3-in-1 Coffee is a time-tested true recipe for a perfect cup of coffee at any place, any time! 

About OWL

Based in Singapore, a city located at the heart of Southeast Asia, we specializse in coffee and tea creations unique to our part of the world. Leveraging 60 years of blending and roasting experience, we curate the best flavours and aromas to bring you well-loved classics and future favourites - for your enjoyment. 

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